It's an Inside Job

Advice on Fostering Resilience From a Former Bosnian Refugee. Interview with Amela Koluder - Creative Leader & Writer.

May 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 15
It's an Inside Job
Advice on Fostering Resilience From a Former Bosnian Refugee. Interview with Amela Koluder - Creative Leader & Writer.
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Show Notes

Amela Koluder debuts as a Norwegian-Bosnian author with Yutoland - a true story fairy tale, a bilingual picture book.

Originally from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she came to Norway as a war refugee in 1993. Her debut book shows the turbulent journey from a calm, happy youth life to an involuntary refugee life.

Koluder is passionate about creativity and diversity where different perspectives are the driving force behind value creation.

She works with development and marketing in TINE within innovation management, strategic category and brand development and has experience from both global and local companies such as L´Oréal, Jordan and Stokke. She has a Master's in International Management from NHH, Norway and ESADE, Barcelona.

Amela Koluder is engaged through various board positions in work that promotes innovation, culture, diversity and integration as chair of the board of Kulturhjerte and deputy chair of the Nynorsk Kultursentrum.

In this episode, we explore the following questions:

  • Could you tell us about the inspiration behind the book?
  • Could you speak to your own experience as a refugee fleeing from Bosnia in 1993?
  • What advice could you share with people going through difficult times on how they can build resilience?
  • What is the reason imagination is important to innovation and change?
  • How can companies use curiosity as ways to embrace uncertainty and change?
  • How important is imagination in value creation ?
  • How can we use diversity to help bridge differences  & embrace change?


Ara and Eta are young people living a happy life in the colorful Yutoland. Under magical star dust clouds, they are hidden from the dangerous monster Sme. Then it happens! The monster Sme begins to send colorless clouds with cold smoke towards Yutoland.

Play and imagination can take the sting out of difficult emotions and help children process frightening experiences.

A refugee child carries with him fear, pain and sadness, but also hope, standing on will and generosity.  A refugee, and especially a child, loses his carefree childhood when he encounters some of the worst traumas life can offer. Nevertheless, the hope and dream of the future becomes more alive and at times all-consuming. Because we adapt quickly and are able to enjoy small things even in a difficult situation.

Yutoland shows how a normal, safe and carefree life can be quickly transformed, and at the same time how much strength and power is mobilized when life is in danger. The book is written as a fairy tale to facilitate the communication of complex emotions.

Yutoland can help both adults and children process something difficult that has happened in their lives. Despite the serious theme, the book is very playful and warm in expression.
Illustrated by Jasna Talovic

Amela Koulder:
Facebook:        @AmelaKoluder  
LinkedIn:          @AmelaKoluder
Instagram:       @AmelaKoluder

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